Breaking the Power of Evil: Winning the Battle for the Soul of Man

By (author)Rick Joyner


The gate of hell is the entrance through which evil gains access to the world. Likewise, the door of heaven is the opening through which divine grace and truth flow to the world

You and those around you CAN be free from the power of evil!

Now is the time to break free of all the things, concepts, traditions, ideologies, people, and routines that are holding you back from living the blessed life that God destined for you.

Who executes justice for the oppressed… The Lord sets the prisoners free (Psalm 146:7).

You can break the power of evil and live now in eternal freedom, peace, and joy by recognizing:

  • The enemy called “easy.”
  • The ultimate trap—Pride.
  • The roots of bondage.
  • The two Christian mandates.
  • The way to break the beast’s yoke.

Best-selling author Rick Joyner gives you the weapons to defeat evil and triumph over satan’s plan to destroy your life’s potential.


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