Business @ the Speed of Thought

By (author)Bill Gates


Business @ the Speed of Thought is a book written by Bill Gates and Collins Hemingway in 1999. It discusses how business and technology are integrated, and explains how digital infrastructures and information networks can help someone get an edge on the competition

Most companies have a sizeable investment in technology but are realising only 20 per cent of its potential benefit. “Business @ the Speed of Thought” introduces the concept of the digital nervous system which unites all systems and processes under one common infrastructure, allowing companies to make quantum leaps in efficiency, growth and profit. Using detailed tours of Microsoft and other major corporations, Gates demonstrates how integrated technology can transform any business by energizing its three major elements: customer/partner relationships, employees and process, and offers practical suggestions on how this can be achieved.

This is a business strategy book, for business leaders. Bill Gates’ value-per-hour is too high for idle commentary on tech trends; rather, he focuses on WHY those trends matter from the business leader’s perspective, and HOW to get dominance in your industry with information flow as your competitive edge.

Bill Gates’ focus in Business @ The Speed of Thought is teaching us how to build a “digital nervous system” — a real-time and complete information flow. Gates is famous for valuing “information smarts,” where the only statements allowed in a discussion are based on actionable facts; going-nowhere drivel has no place in Microsoft meetings, and now, at his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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