Ministerial Ethics

By (author)Dag Heward-Mills


In this outstanding work, Dag Heward-Mills examines real-life situations in ministry today. He addresses practical issues like finances, politics, relating with the opposite sex, and ministerial interactions. A commonsense guide to the principled practice of your calling, this book is a must for every Christian leader. It is highly recommended for Bible schools and the clergy in general.

The challenges of modern-day ministry are fraught with all sorts of pressures. The pressure of finances, the pressures of family and the pressures of human expectations are just a few of the many demands of ministry. These pressures in the Lord?’s work are often the causes of improper behaviour in a minister’s relations with others. So what are ministerial ethics? In this book are standards, principles and broad guidelines that must be observed in the ministry. Ethical practises are upright, sound, honourable, moral, lawful, above-hand and full of integrity. According to Heward-Mills, he is not projecting these guidelines as absolute laws, just as Biblical guidelines to help ministers live and minister with wisdom. He provides ethics for the head, for the assistants, for the church service, for interacting with church members, ethics for relating with the opposite sex and a few more very important aspects


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