Success Is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices; Change Your Life

By (author)Tommy Newberry


Newberry teaches readers the power of goal setting, time management, visualization, and “self-talk” so they can achieve peak levels of performance in all areas of their lives.

“You can be a helpless victim, or you can be a powerful human being who makes an impact on the world.” ~ Tommy Newberry

Hardly anyone wants to live a mediocre life. If you want to live an extraordinary life then this book might be for you. The author spends some time explaining that if you are a Christian, God wants you to be successful. This goes against a poverty/scarcity mentality but it is not quite prosperity gospel. Tommy Newberry basically says that thinking small does not serve the world. He wants you to be an unstoppable force for good.

The book has an encouraging tone and most of the time the author speaks the truth with love. In order to be happy and successful, the author believes you must write down goals and have a mission statement. He effectively helps you write both. Visualization, goal maps (vision boards), and subconscious programming are also discussed.


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